Editing Project

9:30 STUDENT MEDIA MEETING – Thurs. April 6th

This meeting conducted by Mike Osborne, not only was haste, but also was incredibly informative. Myself, along with four other students, gathered around a glossed-wooden conference table, to discuss occurrences that had happened over night.

Osborne began the discussion by giving brief statements of 12 news stories that WMOT had reported on. The first story dealt with the strong storm that had passed over the state. He said that Bedford, Coffee and Warren counties were hit the hardest by the storm; he concluded that over 13,000 homes went without power, few trees were down and there was minimal damage to an old barn.

Osborne continued with talking about stories that involved topics from nashville music and entertainment, to bills presented not only in the state legislator but in Congress as well.

This was my first time attending the student media meeting so beforehand I was unsure of what benefits would come out of my attendance. However, by going to this meeting, I learned the importance of student media and how heavily involved they are not only in local stories, but national as well. I found it refreshing to see that they are not solely focused on Murfreesboro news, although that is important, but they are also nationally focused.



2:30 SIDELINES MEETING – Fri. April 14th

This brief meeting was ran by the editor. First, she talked about the AP Awards that were given out the week before this meeting. She congratulated not only the Sidelines winners, but the MT10 winners as well.

She also gave a special spotlight to the reporters who properly reported on the sensitive subjects this week, such as, the MTSU football team players abusing a dog while on video and the AOPii member who was arrested early Sunday morning.

She concluded the meeting discussing the final print version of Sidelines will come out May 1, and will cover President Trump’s 100 days in office. She said that they are looking for students who have a positive look and a negative look on the first 100 days to include in the story.



  1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/03/the-acorn-people-rock-mayday-brewery-with-album-release-show/
  • When you put quotes around a song title, it should only be around a song title. The quotes should not be around a comma, period or exclamation point. 


  1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/02/59th-annual-grammy-awards-recap/
  • You should always capitalize “annual” when it is with an event title.


  1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/03/12th-annual-sro-lone-star-rodeo-held-in-murfreesboro/
  • You should always capitalize “annual” when it is with an event title.


  1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/04/mt-track-and-field-enjoys-another-successful-weekend/
  • Excerpt from he story, “The men had an impressive day out in Missouri. Tahir Walsh placed first in the 100 meter dash with a blazing time of 10.65, while Hilary Rono took first in the 800 meter run, after finishing with a time of 1:52.62.”
  • Take out the comma after run.



  • You should take out the semicolon in the headline.


  1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/03/mtsu-softball-splits-saturday-double-header/
  • “Doubleheader” should be one word.


  1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/03/davis-my-biggest-goal-was-to-be-like-butler/
  • Only use single quotation marks in a headline, not double.


  1. http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/02/blue-raiders-hit-stride-score-20-against-bowling-green/
  • Only use single quotation marks in a headline, not double.



  • “Doubleheader” should be one word.



  • “Doubleheader” should be one word.




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